49 Mutilated Bodies Found Dumped On Mexican Highway


Reports have come in that a group known as the Zeta’s are claiming responsibility for the 49 headless bodies on a highway near Mexico’s northern city of Monterrey.

The mutilated corpses of 43 men and 6 women, whose hands and feet had also been cut off, were found in a pile on a highway in the municipality of Cadereyta Jimenez in the early hours of Sunday, officials from the state of Nuevo Leon said.

Mexican authorities say they are having a hard time identifying the bodies because they are headless.

The massacre was the latest in a string of mass slayings that have convulsed Mexico in recent months, many of them in the north of the country, where the Zetas have waged a war against rival groups for control of smuggling routes (go to MSNBC.com for full story).

Producer Spotlight: REAP [Mos Def – Travelling Man]


Very little is available online about the up and coming producer but in a few short months REAP (Reaponline,Reap beats) has garnered over 500,000 views on his youtube channel where he features music by well known emcees over his uniquely produced tracks.

According the Reverbnation page Reap lists J Dilla, Mos Def, NAS, 9th Wonder and Pete Rock as musical influences:

Mos Def Travelling Man Remix Produced By REAP

Download Link: http://soundcloud.com/reap/mos-def-im-leaving-produced-by

Village People Songwriter Receives Huge Victory In Court


I came across a pretty good article in the Hollywood Reporter. I urge you to read it for yourself. If not, I’ll summarize it for you.

A federal judge has given Victor Willis (Village People singer) a huge win in a copyright case. Willis notified the copyright owners of his group’s songs, ( including the hit single”Y.M.C.A.”) that he intended to terminate the copyright granted to them. The laws that enable him to do this are called Copyright Act amendments which went into effect in 1978.

Those laws dictate that artists who had created works at the early stage of their careers but handed their rights over without much bargaining power should be the beneficiaries of the latter portions of the newly extended term. It meant that songwriters could terminate copyright grants to publishers and record labels 35 years later. The stipulations were that they need to send their termination notices not fewer than two or more than 10 years from the intended termination date. The result is that 2013 is the first year in which musicians can effect a termination notice.

Read the entire article at the HollywoodReporter.com

President Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage, But Not Really…


As I attempted to log into my hotmail account I didn’t even make it past the home page. You can tell it is an election year. Just yesterday it was announced that the state of North Carolina will ban gay marriage and civil unions. This has gained the attention of activists across the nation and apparently the POTUS as well.

As election time draws near both Democrats and Republican leaders seem to be reaching for votes. MSNBC reports that today President Obama has announced that he believes that same sex couples should be allowed to get married. In the past President Obama has endorsed “civil unions” as an alternative to gay marriage. The “civil union” stance on gay marriage was typical of Obama’s middle of the road campaign style. He’s the “compromise” President trying hard to keep everyone happy. It’s been suggested that pressure from the “left” has prompted Obama to update his stance on gay marriage. That being said, Obama is also reported as saying that he believes marriage legislation should be left up to the individual states. Really? Are you paying attention? (continue…)

Yasiin Bey Features in "Made You Die" [Trayvon Martin Tribute] Music Video


 “Made You Die” is a Trayvon Martin Tribute and a call to activism. Last month a behind the scenes trailer was released and now the actual video. The song utilizes Nas’ “Made You Look” instrumental . It features artists Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, and Mikeflo. The video itself was directed by Bmike:

Immortal Technique Speaks On Building School In Afghanistan,Social Activism and New Album


Immortal Technique took the time to speak on a set of topics including his experience visiting Haiti and witnessing the living conditions of the people. He gave his perspective on solutions that people of the U.S. could use to strengthen themselves in this currently struggling economy. He also briefly discussed his upcoming album “The Middle Passage”:

David Banner Says The Next Generation Will Have a "Hip Hop" President [Video]


David Banner & Hustle Simmons in Hustle Citi aka Boston, Ma

David Banner appeared on the “Launch Pad” with DJ Hustle Simmons during his visit to Massachusetts. The next day he was scheduled to speak at Harvard University. Banner discussed his feelings about corporate influence on music,Trayvon Martin’s death and giving back to the community:

Howard University Trayvon Martin "Am I Suspicious?" Campaign Video



A NEWMecca Movement Production, shot by John “JayDex” Ledbetter. A video depicting Howard University men standing against racial profiling and the killing of Trayvon Martin in February 2012. More information on the efforts of the Howard Community to raise awareness can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HUJusticeForTrayvonMartin/

Bobbi Kristina [Bobby Brown's Daughter] To Star In Her Own Reality Show

It seems that the family of the late Whitney Houston are supportive of the idea of Bobbi Kristina persuing a career in music. Reports have come in that Bobbi Kristina will star in her own reality TV series.

TMZ reports: Whitney Houston’s mother is telling friends … she fully supports the idea of a family reality show because she believes the exposure will be great for Bobbi Kristina‘s singing career.

The web buzzed a lil bit back when Bobbi Kristina posted a video on youtube covering Adele’s “Someone Like You” from the album 21:

Juvenile Says There Will Be No Cash Money Reunion [Video]

Juvenile Doubts A Cash Money Reunion, Speaks On Buck & Breaks Down Why Turk Went To Jail

I was never a big fan of the Hot Boys but (on the strength of his solo work) Juvenile was always my favorite.

On A Cash Money Reunion: Juvie says that he is tired of making excuses about a Cash Money/Hot Boys Reunion. He says that it is not possible because BG and Turk are in jail. He insists that he and Wayne alone can not do a reunion.

On Drake’s remake of “Back That Ass Up”: Juvie also says that he got paid when Drake used material from his “Back That Ass Up” single. According to Juvenile the song was just collecting dust until Drake rejuvenated it.

On Young Buck Rumors: Lastly, in an unexpected twist Juvenile refuted rumors that Young Buck was ever signed to him or Cash Money Records prior to his deal with G-Unit. He says that he and Buck began creating music together but never had a written agreement. Juvenile hints that he had a confrontation with Buck over the rumors.

NY Times Reporter: Control More Important Than Law In China

A New York Times reporter named Michael Wines has been reporting from  Linyi, China. In an artilce entitled “China’s Obsession With Stability Can Come at the Cost of Laws” he suggests that human rights are routinely ignored by the Chinese government in exchange for expediency.

“Beijing quietly tolerates local officials’ lawlessness, and they do so for a simple reason: with rare exceptions, the system is exceedingly efficient at stifling unrest.”

The article then goes on to detail efforts to stifle the press who attempt to cover the story of Chen Guangcheng (a Chinese dissident who sought protection at the U.S. Embassy): “Journalists who sought on Sunday to talk to residents a few hundred yards from Dongshigu, the village in Linyi where Mr. Chen was held captive, were quickly escorted out by thugs in four automobiles, and later were accosted in a burst of arm-wrenching and name-calling.

Members of the same gang still keep Mr. Chen’s mother incommunicado and under siege here. Mr. Chen’s nephew faces a charge of attempted murder after he slashed a knife at plainclothes officers who invaded his home and beat him. Lawyers seeking to defend the nephew have been ordered to drop the case or face retribution.”

Wines does admit “There is no evidence that the central government in Beijing ordered this harassment, all of which is illegal under Chinese law.”

Read the NY Times article here.