Black Girl Lost….This is what Nas was talkin' about

Miss Hawaii, real name Jessica Jackson, claims to have a video of Irving (no. 1 NBA draft pick 2011) masturbating on video. My first reaction to this video was to be annoyed and embarrassed but eventually I grew to be concerned. She seems to measure herself by her # of twitter followers. It aint hard to tell she’s hurt and confused. The video is of Ms. Hawaii (claims to be from the Bronx) throwing a temper tantrum. I first found the video was posted on youtube by blacksportsonline.

“Go get lighter if you have a skin complexion complex…”

-Miss Hawaii

She claim’s that she’s a goon not a smut. If you want to see her p@##y you must pay. Miss America pageant must be so proud. Father’s spend time with your daughters.

[Mixtape Download] Coast 2 Coast Vol 159



1. U.K.T – We On Fre Ft. Billy Blue
2. Spoat – Walk Alone Ft. Billy Blue
3. Billy Blue – Kool Aid
4. Ya Boy – Lock Down Ft. Akon
5. Warren G – This Is Dedicated To You
6. N.O.R.E – Shot Somebody
7. Tech N9ne – I Love Music Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek
8. Billy Blue – Riders N Slidaz
9. iLLA – I Swear
10. Buddy Love Project – She So Real
11. Slaughterhouse – Furiously Dangerous Ft. Ludacris, Claret Jai
12. Kardinal Official – Smash The Club Ft. Pitbull, Lil Jon, Clinton Sparks
13. AM – Talk Money
14. P.c. Da Prince – I Dont Believe Dat
15. Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes
16. Billy Blue – Where Da Money At
17. Mowet – Stay Fly Ft. Fella Billy Blue
18. Benzino – Im On That
19. Whiteboi – Gookin Ft. Brisco & Ace Hood
20. Billy Blue – Ball Fa Eva
21. Amooneke – Wash My Mouth Out
22. Outro

Did Nicki Minaj Go Too Far??

Again I’m on blackplanet browsing and I see another topic that I had to put to my own readers. This question is directed to the adults in the crowd, especially those with children of their own. Where’s the line drawn between teenagers and adults? I’m aware that there is alot empathy toward 17 year old males coming into manhood. Let’s pretend for a second that there was no double standard reguarding the sexuality of men and women. Let’s for a second just pretend that gender  didn’t matter in today’s society. Now the question is “Did Nicki Minaj [26] cross the line with Justin Bieber [17]” at the B.E.T. Awards 2011? If you didn’t watch it there is a pretty good description here.

Realizing that I could be however letting B.E.T. and it’s producers off the hook by not entitling this “Did B.E.T. go too far?” but I think that the original author already covered that.

Nicki Minaj has mentioned in multiple interviews that she is surprised at how young some of her fans are. If that is the case then she must be somewhat aware of how young  JB’s fans are right? Yes, No? Sure this stuff makes good fooder for blogs and such. Since it is entertainment, should we expect better? Is there a moral obligation to raise the yellow flag? Hmmm.  What are your thoughts?

The "N-Word" Discussion Continues [Opinions Needed]

So The N-Word discussion continues. I think I’ve already given my take on it. If I find the link again I’ll post it. Anyway, a while back there were some waves on the net over a white female (so called) rapper using the N-Word. Mista Fab, a (seemingly) self proclaimed West Coast Representa  addresses the issue:

What are your thoughts?

Reverb Opportunity: USA Songwriting Competition 2011

About This Opportunity

Since 1995, the USA Songwriting Competition, the world’s leading international songwriting event, has been honoring songwriters, composers, bands, and recording artists everywhere.

All submissions are guaranteed a written critique of their submission from USA Songwriting Competition.

This year’s prizes include:

– Grand Prize of $50,000 in Cash & Merchandise
$9,000 worth of Merchandise
$6,500 worth of Merchandise
– plus 15 other First Place Winners in various categories get $2,200 worth of merchandise
– plus 20 Honorable Mentions get $350 worth of merchandise
– plus all winning songs receive radio airplay (the first for any songwriting competition)!.

Who Selects the Winners?
Winners are selected by a Blue Ribbon committee of music industry judges including record label publishers, producers, A&R from Universal Music, Warner, EMI, Sony Music, and other distinguished professionals.

Opportunity to be discovered by the biggest names in the music business!

Our competition offers a shot at the big time for songwriters, original solo artists, and bands everywhere around the world. For you, it is the contest that might just open the right doors, make the right connections and get your songs heard.

This is the professional songwriting competition. Click the graphic to submit.

Sponsors of the 2011 Competition:
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The City of Chicago Honors Sam Cooke

Honorary Sam Cooke Way


Chicago City officials renamed a section of 36th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue “Sam Cooke Way” during a Saturday afternoon ceremony last week. Cooke once lived near the street location in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.

H2TV Episode #138

I know it’s been raining alot on the East Coast and will continue to do so for the next couple of days. Sometimes its hard to find inspiration when the weather’s like this. A friend once told me that “life is not about waiting for the sun to come out, it’s about dancing in the rain”.  I like that quote but lately the rain has been coming with thunder storms and lightning behind it. So when it gets like this you look forward to the small things.

Today is Friday so you know it’s time for a new H2TV

Visit every Friday at noon to watch the newest streams. In case you can’t make it there we will keep an archive over here at Sub-Z.Info.