Ron Paul Causes Waves At September Presidential Debate [Video]

In September CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hosted a Presidential debacle, I mean debate between the hopefuls. Ron Paul shined as always but spoke out against the almighty military industrial complex in the process. Someone took the time to put together a highlight reel which I enjoyed so I’m sharing it with you:

It seems to me that Ron Paul always brings a higher level of intensity to the Republican Presidential debates if for no other reason than that he comes prepared with facts and stats. Far be it from me to try to influence your opinion (cough) so I’ll refrain from my play by  play analysis.  The following vids are commentary and reactions from others (pundits,youtubers,etc.):

Even ole Bill O’Reilly didn’t refrain from weighing in. In the following clip Bill O’Reilly declares that Congressman Ron Paul has “no shot” at winning the Republican nomination and chooses to focus on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Fred the Godson "Shake The Block" [Music Video]

I didn’t know what to think a while back when it seemed like Fred came out of nowhere and was all over Thisis50.  But it’s obvious that Big Bronx is here to stay. I’m coo widdit, especially after the joint he did with “Madd Rapper”.

I caught this vid on rotation @ The Youtube description explains: Godson is turning up the energy in anticipation of the release of his mixtape “City of God” on Nov 14, 2011. This video is a visual to accompany a verse that Fred did for Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends. It was shot by Taya Simmons. I’m not sure where the verse originated from but I had to post this one on the strength of the Celtics fitted he rockin’.

Keep ya eyes and ears open for “City of God” the mixtape.

"Pay Ya Bills On Time" Hiphop Funk Fusion Mix [Audio]

It looks like the U.S. debt mismanagement criticism isn’t going away any time soon. And it shouldn’t. This video was sent to me. It’s a remake of Felonious Munk’s “Obama Pay Ya Bills” rant. The video title says hiphop. This is more of a funk fusion mix but the innovation definitely makes it hiphop. Good way to show congress that our memory isn’t that short. Peep and pass this around:

LAPD Fractures Skull Of Iraq War Veteran At Occupy Oakland [Video]

A man named Scott Olsen who is said to be an Iraq war veteran with two tours under his belt was injured October 25, 2011 during a protest in Oakland. The wound was described as a circular scar on Olsen’s forehead consistent with the shape of a tear gas canister. Olsen was said to have been taken to Highland Hospital where he was treated for a fractured skull and brain swelling.

There is footage on the net of Oakland PD  (dressed in riot gear) lobbing flash bang grenades at civilian protesters even as they tried to help the wounded man (Olsen) as he was lying the street.

Reports have come in that a spokesperson for the Oakland PD denied that flash bang grenades were used.

NY Cop Admits That He Killed Out Of Fear

The New York Daily News has reported on the departmental charges brought on Det. Gescard Isnora. Isnora fired the first shot at Sean Bell’s car. If you are not familiar with the Sean Bell murder case here is a recap.

Sean Bell, a New York resident,  was engaged to be married. On the morning of his wedding  date he was shot and killed in his car during a barrage of bullets (50 shots) fired by NYPD Officers. In the car with Bell was a friend Joseph Guzman.

Bell was leaving a strip club where his friends had thrown him a bachelor party. The  club was under investigation by the NYPD and had several undercover officers present the night of the shooting. An unnamed “police detective” witness to the incident claims that he heard someone say “I’m going to get my gun” during an argument outside of the club. Bell and his friends then left the club. Once in the car, Bell and friends were approached by Det. Isnora who had his gun drawn.

Isnora testified that Bell hit him with his car and that he believed that there was a gun present. No gun was found in Bell’s vehicle. 

Isnora claimed that an unidentified man in Bell’s car escaped from the scene possibly with the gun in question. This statement has drawn some critics and lead some to speculate that Isnora was lying outright.

Guzman, (the front seat passenger) suffered several gunshot wounds but was not killed. Guzman said that Isnora never identified himself as NYPD. 

Det. Gescard Isnora and the other officers who fired their weapons were acquitted of manslaughter charges in 2008. The acquitted officers still face(d) disciplinary hearings from the New York Police Department itself.

Officers Marc Cooper and Michael Oliver have worked out plea deals with the NYPD that will allow them to work and retire. Det. Gescard Isnora was reportedly not offered a plea deal and is currently in trial. Isnora is charged with violating police procedures by the NYPD. Officer Michael Carey, who was also present at the Bell shooting, is facing charges from the NYPD as well.

The New York Daily News reported on some of Gescard’s testimony:

“All I saw was his arm coming up,” Det. Gescard Isnora said of Joseph Guzman, a passenger in Bell’s car during the fateful moments immediately before the highly controversial 2006 police shooting.
Isnora, who was undercover at the time of the shooting, testified in his NYPD trial that he believed Guzman held a firearm in his hand and that this fear trumped the detective’s reluctance to use his gun.
“I wasn’t going to wait for him to pull up and ‘Boom!’ I wasn’t going to wait for that,” Isnora said

Read more here.

Raekwon says he "NEVER liked" Ice Cream. "We were rapping for drug dealers" [Video Interview]

Cappadonna speaks about how he got on the Only Built For Cuban Links album. Ghostface talks about going hard and trying to make every song worthy of being a single. Raekwon says we lived in a neighborhood where drugs was always big.