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Applicants must provide the following information:
1. Song title and name of performing artist.
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3.  Music that is submitted must be radio friendly with no profanity.

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New Study Says Laptop Computers Kill Sperm

Years ago when I first read about the dangers of using a cell phone at a gas station I thought to myself “that’s reasonable”. Later on when I read that some study in France showed that excessive cell phone use causes brain damage to young adults I thought to myself “that’s scary” but this here has to take the cake: New Study Says  “Wifi-enabled laptops may be nuking sperm” .

What the study says is that sperm that sat near a laptop were showing higher ratios of dna abnormalities and lesser activity than those kept away from the wi-fi enabled laptop during the experiment. I don’t want to believe that it’s true. All those stories my father use to tell me about how microwave ovens put small doses in radiation in your food come flooding back to me. So “thank [them] for warning me so now I’m warning you, I got the glock [man] tell me what you wanna do” (Biggie Smalls voice)

Wifi-enabled laptops may be nuking sperm

Anonymous Tip Leads To Boskoe1 Arrest [Video]

An amatuer video shot by an observer has surfaced in which Boskoe1 can be seen being handcuffed and searched. The actual time and date of the video is currently unkown. Boskoe1 first gained nationwide notoriety and headlines when a street fight between him and RoseMo700 was caught on film.

The video title is “BOSKOE1 Arrested!..POLICE GOT A CALL SAYIN BOSKOE1 MIGHT BE WANTED! ” Currently there is not alot of other information available. Perhaps an anonymous call was made and the caller gave Boskoe’s description. Boskoe himself doesn’t speak, however the audio from the video does provide some clues.

Throughout the video the voice of bystanders can be heard asking about the reason for the arrest and responding “wow”. It seems as if the arrest caught Boskoe and others by surprise.

When questioned, the officer’s response was inaudible but my guess is that she said “we got a call about someone who might be wanted”. The bystander [woman] then repeats “They got a call that he might be wanted for something? Wow. All I have to say is wow” after which  Boskoe1 can then be seen being lead away by police officers:

Bystander1: “They got a call?  What…? What was the call?” [the reason for police presence]

Officer: “What was that? Somebody called…[inaudible]”

Bystander1: “I’m glad you just got out” [to Boskoe]

Bystander2: “wow”

From what I can tell, the audio suggests that prior to being arrested Boskoe had just come from prison. If that is true then it is likely he would have been cleared and let go. The video does not definitively show whether Boskoe was actually taken away in a cruiser or let go after an identification check.

The next thing that I might assume is that some of the neighbors in the area aren’t interested in seeing Boskoe around. If that is the case then he shouldn’t be surprised if the cops are called every time he sneezes.

Beyonce, About the Baby Bump…Umm…People Don't Believe You

In the following video Beyonce says that it’s September 23rd and she is 6 months pregnant. Maybe she meant to say that it was Novemeber 23rd. Initial reports say that Beyonce was due in February 2012. Details like that are just drumming up more speculation about whether Beyonce is actually carrying a child.

Mixed responses are coming in from the Youtube crowd:

When Bey is On 20/20 This Coming Friday she would clear all of these stupid rumors up for all of the haters!!!!!!! so they can go away & shut up.!!!!!!people need to stop believing everything they hear & read in the media, because the lies too. people need to use their words carfully because their words can come back to bite them. if she is 7 or 8 months along then I hope she has a very healthy preganancy, safe delivery and a very healthy beautiful baby!!!!! May God Bless Her, Jay & Baby Carter
every one has the right to believe whatever they want to believe the truth will come out sooner or later right ?
@MCLAMB4LIFE1 exactly but you know the truth will come out sooner or later. i personally dont have anything against her just all this is just ridiculous.
MediaTakeOut Lies!!!!!!! they are the ones who started all of this “Fake Preganancy” Mess in the first place. her preganancy is real ppl. if you don’t believe me then go google those pics of her showing off bare baby bump almost 2 weeks ago in mami or in Italy in sept!!!!! for God’s sakes she doesn’t have a fake a preganancy to get attention or prove herself to any of ya’ll. it’s so sad that people or treating her the same way they treated MJ. leave her alone and let her enjoy her preganancy!!
Oh baby, she is sinking in the Hollywood mock and mire. I’m losing respect for this diva. If she comes clean with the public on what’s going on she’ll survive what ever this lie is…oh baby is right.
plus she said she was 3 months in august -_- in an interview
I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care what you people think . Other times when there were false reports about Beyonce being pregnant , you people believed it . Now that she’s ACTUALLY pregnant , everyone wants to say she’s not pregnant and accuse her of lying . You guys are leaving your opinions, when truth be told she doesn’t care . I wouldn’t care either if i had money like her .
So pretty much she’s due in December instead of February? Yep. Beause in all her interviews she’s NEVER ACTUALLY SAID she was due in Feb. She pays attention to detail.
Funny How Her Due Date Is February But She Was 6 Months On September So The Baby Should Be Due December Right ? Unless She’s Planning On Carrying The Baby For an extra 2 months ? lml Beyonce lets see how long you’re going to keep this up. you’re loosing a lot of fans because of this :T

Go to to see 3:50 the baby bump pics below:

Chicago Police Department Ignores Violent Crime and Abuses Authority

I read a piece in the Huffington Post entitled Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime but after I read it I figured that it should say Chicago Police Dept. uses War on Drugs for Intimidation and Retribution.

The text of the report mostly surrounds two incidents that tell the story of a woman who was ignored by her Police Dept. when she asked for help and then harassed by officers after drawing attention to her plight.

The summary of the story goes like this: A woman named Jessica Shaver claims that she was assaulted outside of a bar. Shaver worked to track down her assailant and offered clues to the local police dept. Shaver says she was ignored. Shaver eventually sought the help of elected officials and the press to draw attention to her case. When Chicago PD did respond one detective allegedly told her “Now I don’t want to hear any more bitching from you.”

Months later Shaver’s apartment was the target of a drug raid. The name on the search warrant did not match the name on the lease. The following excerpts came from an article came from the Huffington Post:

Shaver says she heard laughter from her bathroom and bedroom. “They went to my bathroom and started going through all of my medication, laughing about how messed up I was,” she said. “I also have a ‘lady drawer,’ where I keep sex toys and some sex-related gag gifts friends have given me.” Shaver said that when the cops finally left, they had left her place a shambles. When she looked in her bedroom, the police had emptied the drawer and laid all of her sex toys out on her bed.
The raid ruined the door to Shaver’s apartment and she has since been evicted. She filed a complaint with Chicago PD, but never heard back. When she attempted to get a copy of the affidavit for the search warrant to see what probable cause they had for such a violent raid, she was told that since she was not the target of the raid, she is not allowed to see the affidavit. As for “Nate,” authorities have yet to issue a warrant for his arrest. Chicago PD and the officer who left Shaver his number after the raid did not return The Huffington Post’s requests for comment…

 Misplaced Priorities

Arresting people for assaults, beatings and robberies doesn’t bring money back to police departments, but drug cases do in a couple of ways. First, police departments across the country compete for a pool of federal anti-drug grants. The more arrests and drug seizures a department can claim, the stronger its application for those grants.

“The availability of huge federal anti-drug grants incentivizes departments to pay for SWAT team armor and weapons, and leads our police officers to abandon real crime victims in our communities in favor of ratcheting up their drug arrest stats,” said former Los Angeles Deputy Chief of Police Stephen Downing. Downing is now a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an advocacy group of cops and prosecutors who are calling for an end to the drug war.

“When our cops are focused on executing large-scale, constitutionally questionable raids at the slightest hint that a small-time pot dealer is at work, real police work preventing and investigating crimes like robberies and rapes falls by the wayside,” Downing said.

And this problem is on the rise all over the country. Last year, police in New York City arrested around 50,000 people for marijuana possession. Pot has been decriminalized in New York since 1977, but displaying the drug in public is still a crime. So police officers stop people who look “suspicious,” frisk them, ask them to empty their pockets, then arrest them if they pull out a joint or a small amount of marijuana. They’re tricked into breaking the law. According to a report from Queens College sociologist Harry Levine, there were 33,775 such arrests from 1981 to 1995. Between 1996 and 2010 there were 536,322.

The entire article reads like a movie, a really twisted movie. Read the entire article at the Huffington Post.

Taking Care of Home;50 Cent,Papoose, and Spoken Reasons Give Back [Video]

50 Cent & the G-Unity Foundation give away 100’s of Turkeys to the Queens Community

@SpokenReasons 20 Turkey Giveaway #FCHW

Papoose, CPNYC, + PR-G School Supplies Giveaway in Bed-Stuy

Alot of artists have taken the time to give back to their community. It’s not always highly publicized but genuine love should always be recognized.