2012 New Year's Eve Parties in Boston and NYC

2012 New Year’s Eve Parties To Look Out For

Last chance to get your tickets to 8 Amazing parties:



District /// RumoR /// Venu
Cure Lounge /// Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale
Market /// Strega Waterfront /// Deadmau5 in NYC!



-2 Rooms of entertainment with 300 partygoers

-Music by DJ Lus

-Champagne Toast at Midnight

-Live Visual Show & Projection of the Ball Drop

-Sunken Dance Floor & Stage Area / Party Favors

If your looking to get a VIP table, please text Jeff London 857.544.3356.

The New England Patriots Are Running The Pro Bowl!!

The rosters for the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl have been announced. The New England Patriots lead the way by placing eight players on the AFC rosters.

A notable players who didn’t make the team is  Aaron Hernandez – TE (Patriots), 

AFC offensive starters:

Quarterback: Tom Brady (Patriots), Running Back: Ray Rice (Ravens), FB Vonta Leach (Ravens), Wide Receivers: Wes Welker (Patriots) and Mike Wallace (Steelers), Tight End: Ron Gronkowski (Patriots), Tackles: Joe Thomas (Browns) and Jake Long (Dolphins), Guards: Logan Mankins (Patriots) and Brian Waters (Patriots), Center: Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers).

AFC defensive starters:

Defensive Ends: Dwight Freeney (Colts) and Andre Carter (Patriots), Defensive Tackles: Haloti Ngata (Ravens) and Vince Wilfork (Patriots), Outside Linebackers : Terrell Suggs (Ravens) and Von Miller (Broncos), Inside Linebacker: Ray Lewis (Ravens), Cornerbacks: Darrelle Revis (Jets) and Champ Bailey (Broncos), Strong Safety: Troy Polamalu (Steelers).

AFC Special teams:

Punter: Shane Lechler (Raiders), Kicker: Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders), Kick returner: Antonio Brown (Steelers), Special teamer Matthew Slater (Patriots).

[MP3 Download] Get Your Buzz Up Mixtape Volume 6

 Get Your Buzz Up Mixtape Volume 6

Hosted by DJ EPPS


TRACK 01_Intro
TRACK 02_3azy_Who Gone Stop This
TRACK 03_Apollo_Ounce Of Freedom
TRACK 05_Dice Gambino_Tag Em In
TRACK 06_Dutch ReBelle_Stop It
TRACK 08_Indy G_One Chance
TRACK 09_J Willz & Zee Doe_Running Out Of Time
TRACK 10_J.Halkz_That Jada Fire
TRACK 11_Jae Ari_We Good
TRACK 12_Jae Thugga_Turn It Up
TRACK 13_Jetsetters_Ultra
TRACK 14_KI Grip F/ Jadakiss, Nathaniel_Playa’s Life (Produced by Drawzilla)
TRACK 15_L.E.N.O. XTR_Lifetime
TRACK 16_Madd Maxx – Lil Ghetto Nigga
TRACK 17_Marquise Green_We Hustle
TRACK 18_Mike Mccarry_Jericho
TRACK 19_Mook Coop_Caught A Body ft. Quily Millz
TRACK 20_N.G. Prada G_Secret Of A Lie
TRACK 21_Rec Raw_If I Had The Chance Again
TRACK 22_Sam Lachow feat. B-Skeez & Skylar Swenson_Gary Payton
TRACK 23_Slime Nation_City2City
TRACK 24_Smokes_Feelings ft Sara Bella
TRACK 25_SpaceRunners_Just So Ill
TRACK 26_Tay-Young_Ronald Reagan
TRACK 27_Twan T_Pretty Girls ft. JC
TRACK 28_Upgrade – I Can’t Stop
TRACK 29_Violent Sounds ft. Ransom_NJ State of Mind
TRACK 30_Xtra_In It For
TRACK 31_Yung Dreal_Champion
TRACK 32_Benzino_Turn It Up

David Banner and Sway Speak On V-Nasty Diss [What Is Hood?]

David Banner on #Swayinthemorning Part 1

In light of the newly released joint cd (BAYTL) released by V-Nasty and Gucci Mane I will do my best to offer my opinion at times but stick to reporting the facts in this article. If I expressed too much of my opinion I would surely have to be labeled a “hater”so I’ll save it for later. I wouldn’t want my (haterish) personal opinion to take away from the seriousness of the topic.

Recently David Banner sat down with Sway and Devi Dev to discuss V-Nasty’s new release as well as break down the motivation behind the song “Swag”.  The interview can be seen on yt channel SwaysUniverse and has been chopped  into three different segments.

Because each segment has a slightly different focus I’m going to cover each segment as if they were independent of each other.  Here is part 1:

Sway starts the interview by going to a live caller who refers to David Banner as “real hood” because he came down to Mississippi and offered financial assistance to residents after hurricane Katrina. Immediately after Sway began offering his definition of  the word “hood”. Sway says that being”hood”really  means being conscious in all forms of the word,i.e. conscious of your environment and lucid of your surroundings. Sway then goes on to say “In hiphop we repeat ignorance so much that it sticks to us”.

Sway the went on to speak about doing community outreach with David Banner and says “that’s hood to me.”  After that Sway played an audio clip from the BATYL cd in which V-Nasty says the following:

Got more bricks then houses in Atlanta/damn/ how a white bitch more hood than David Banner?

Banner’s response was “I never heard that before.” As hard as I find that to believe I still continued to watch the interview. Banner goes on to explain that it doesn’t bother him to be called out by V-Nasty. He says that “the plight between our races is so much bigger than her. I honestly think that she don’t know no better.”

Ron Paul Catches Heat For Incendiary Past

You’ve probably seen a news clip or heard a soundbyte from the past week of a commentator mentioning Ron Paul’s infamous newsletters.

Ron Paul has recently gained alot of media attention after it was announced that he was the current front runner in the Iowa caucuses. The Grio has sounded off on the issue. The publication stopped short of calling Dr. Paul a racist but claims at the very least that the letters were “racially insensitive”. Read what The Griot wrote here.

Is Ron Paul Afraid of His Past??

I first heard of Ron Paul in 2007. There was a big push for more information on income tax law and the Federal Reserve. At the same time the 911 Commission Report was under great scrutiny.

Along with this wave of information and newly found enlightenment came an enthusiastic push for presidential candidate named Ron Paul.

I personally found Ron Paul to be knowledgeable, even tempered and articulate. With his fiscally conservative views, knowledge of government and moderate foreign relations policies Paul seemed to be the perfect candidate for newly rejuvenated online revolutionaries. Many frustrated Americans felt bamboozled by the whole income tax debacle and false flag propaganda that had been peddled as truth. Paul was the straight shooter or so we thought.

There has consistently been one major chink in Pauls armor, i.e. the rumor that RP was/is a racist and a closeted white supremacist. Among the accusations of Paul’s racist past was a rumored vote against the effort to honor Rosa Parks in the senate. I was pleased to look into it and find this:

I like Ron Paul. I’ve said it before. My issue with RP is that he treats his past as if he is scared to talk about it. Talking around a subject has not been his style. He normally tackles an issue head on. It has become his signature and the thing that I think people respect most about him. RP gives very vague answers in regards to his newsletters but is extremely detailed when discussing any other issue. I believe that in order to be a good leader he would have to tackle this head on and answer all questions with great detail. Not doing so leaves room for distraction and a valid reason for voters to be leary.

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The video was posted on a youtuber’s called decalos99‘s channel. The text in the vlog reads:

Presidential candidate Ron Paul was defensive Wednesday when pressed about controversial newsletters in the 1980s and 1990s that were in his name.
When asked during an interview with CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger whether he looked at them when they were published and decided they did not represent him accurately, he said “not all the time.” Pressed on whether he read them he said, “Not all the time. Well, on occasion, yes.”
Paul, who had left Congress at the time and was practicing medicine, has repeatedly disavowed the controversial remarks in the newsletters.
“I’ve never read that stuff. I’ve never read – I came – I was probably aware of it 10 years after it was written and it’s been going on 20 years that people have pestered me about this and CNN does it every single time,” he said.
Among the racially charged comments contained in the publications was this one from 1992: “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.” They also contained some conspiracy theories.
When Borger asked him if this was a legitimate topic, he became testy saying “Yeah and when you get the answer, it’s legitimate that you sort of take the answers I gave. You know what the answer is? I didn’t write them, didn’t read them at the time, and I disavow them. This is the answer.”
Existence of the controversial newsletters, which listed Paul as publisher and carried such names as “Ron Paul’s Freedom Project,” the “Ron Paul Political Report,” the “Ron Paul Survival Report” and the “Ron Paul Investment Letter,” was first reported in 2008 in the New Republic. The Weekly Standard followed up this week.
Paul can expect more scrutiny with the news he is at the top of some polls in Iowa, less than two weeks before the Jan. 3 caucuses.
During a swing Wednesday, he drew large crowds and enthusiastic responses to his anti-establishment message and calls for fiscal restraint.
Paul’s campaign has hit Newt Gingrich hard in campaign commercials accusing him of “serial hypocrisy” for changing positions and using his influence to help build his consulting business.
When CNN asked him whether he would be willing to take down these ads because many Iowans have voiced displeasure with the negative nature of this year’s campaign he said he would not.
“I don’t consider them attacking him unfairly. I mean, it just points out the position he’s been on. That’s my job, to show what my opponents do. They flip-flop around and they change positions, and if the media won’t do it, I should do it,” he said in the interview.
— –Kevin Bohn, CNN


Youtube Buzzing Over New White Girl Rapper??

Artist Spotlight: Meet Bakko

Youtube is starting to embrace this girl. The attention grabbing video title says “KREAYSHAWN GOT COMPETITION WHITE GIRL RAPPING”. It features an unknown femcee rapping over a table beat and then singing a love ballad (about marijuana). The video has become a YT crowd favorite. It is currently at over 100,000 views with a total of 1,076 likes and 80 dislikes.

The video left me wanting more information. Had no idea what the girls name was until I browsed through all 600 plus comments and found:

hey people im the girl in the vid..let it be known, i don’t consider myself a rapper its just a hobby of mine..I do it for fun. Anyways singing is what im really tryin to pursue. click my channel if yall wanna hear some of my songs…peace… 😉


So it turns out that she’s a singer, not a rapper at all. Here’s a sample of what her YT channel has to offer:

After doing a little searching around I was able to finally come upon this interview. In case you wondering like me, here’s a little more information about Bakko:

According to DefyNewYork.com her name is Barbare Mchedlishvili AKA Bakko. She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (located in Eastern Europe). Bakko came to America at age 6 and grew up in central Virginia. Her singing career started at the age of 12  and she learned to play the guitar during visits to her native country. She has attended an art school where she majored in visual arts. Read more.

I think the chic is dope. What’chu think?



Holiday Gift Style [Music Video] KRS One,Shinehead, MAD LION


According the vlog info on MadlionTV KRS-One has a new album on the way  called “Just Like That”. Mad Lion produced it and it is expected to drop 1st Quarter 2012.  The album will be released on Killahpride Records.

Above is promo video for the album. The song is called “Holiday Gift Style”.