NY Times Reporter: Control More Important Than Law In China

A New York Times reporter named Michael Wines has been reporting from  Linyi, China. In an artilce entitled “China’s Obsession With Stability Can Come at the Cost of Laws” he suggests that human rights are routinely ignored by the Chinese government in exchange for expediency.

“Beijing quietly tolerates local officials’ lawlessness, and they do so for a simple reason: with rare exceptions, the system is exceedingly efficient at stifling unrest.”

The article then goes on to detail efforts to stifle the press who attempt to cover the story of Chen Guangcheng (a Chinese dissident who sought protection at the U.S. Embassy): “Journalists who sought on Sunday to talk to residents a few hundred yards from Dongshigu, the village in Linyi where Mr. Chen was held captive, were quickly escorted out by thugs in four automobiles, and later were accosted in a burst of arm-wrenching and name-calling.

Members of the same gang still keep Mr. Chen’s mother incommunicado and under siege here. Mr. Chen’s nephew faces a charge of attempted murder after he slashed a knife at plainclothes officers who invaded his home and beat him. Lawyers seeking to defend the nephew have been ordered to drop the case or face retribution.”

Wines does admit “There is no evidence that the central government in Beijing ordered this harassment, all of which is illegal under Chinese law.”

Read the NY Times article here.


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