BET Cypher [Machine Gun Kelly Rips It] Who Do YOU Think Won?

People still arguing over and analyzing old BET’s The Cypher videos. Here’s the comment one youtuber sent to another under the vid entitled “Tech N9ne, B.O.B., Machine Gun Kelly, Big K.R.I.T., and Kendrick Lamar Rapping”:

“are you f*cking kidding me? MGK was f*ckin embarrassing. No bars…please someone argue with me. Try to defend whatever the f*ck kinda wack Curt Cobain d*ckriding sh*t that was”

That comment even got a few likes. I started to respond but I’d rather just post it. To me, the whole cypher was good. Kendrick Lamar was the only one who came close to MGK, my opinion. Remember the cypher takes into account lyrics (subject matter) AND delivery (including intro and outro).

If you listen to MGK he was tellin’ his story not someone else’s which always catches my attention. Ofcourse, not everybody listens. Quotables:

“They said it wasn’t my time/betta watch that”

“Everybody gossipin’/Betta tell a friend…That this white boy just bodied Black Entertainment Television”


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