Funky Fresh Radio Recap #3 [Here's What You Missed…]

Okay,Okay, okay so the word for today is “Super Bean Sunday”. What is that you say? It’s the combination of  the “New England Urban Music Awards”and the “Next Generation of Boston Hiphop Showcase”. Here is your recap for Saturday May 5th,2012 Funky Fresh Radio Broadcast.

First things first. I apologize for missing last weeks installment. For the record, I tried. I couldn’t stream the Uncut Radio show on my laptop or my desktop. Now that that’s out of the way…where was I? Oh yeah, since the New England Urban Music Awards was coming up the broadcast featured several artists who were scheduled to perform at the “Next Generation of Boston Hiphop Showcase” at Club Church. Funky Fresh referred to the next day as “Super Bean Sunday”. Here are the interview highlights:


J Roy Champion says go to and download both of his mixtapes. He promises that if you aint feelin’ him already you will be.

Chief100 has a T-shirt line coming out called Standing O Apparrel. He is being sponsored by Yo Soy clothing.

Foxwoods – Has a new protege on the Mass Millions team named “New Money.” He is actively grooming his new artist by allowing him to feature on new releases. Foxwoods also announced that he has just purchased an Expedition that will be wrapped up soon. He encourages fans to flag down the car when they see it. He is willing to support “anyone who is doing something.” He says just email him.

Amor Boston gave the deepest interview. Amor says that he appreciates life and wants to make music that reflects that. He spoke about his perspective on life changing and maturing into the artist that he is today. Amor Boston says that he is a rapper but he considers himself a songwriter. He says that he will be delving into a slow jam type of style soon.

DJ In & Out did his thing as usual and turned the show into a live mixtape. The track that stood out to me the most was Impressed by Chubb-Z.

The ‘dumb track’ award goes to some Rack City remix by Prettie Nell. I only heard a couple songs from her and they all sound like a soundtrack to a porno flick.The song was a rap about a stripper (I think) braggin’ about how noone can tell that her boobs are fake. Sigh, I don’t know. Call me a hater, I guess. Til next time…

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