Is Obama Lying About Bin Laden?

As I logged into my email I noticed the MSNBC headline sources say “Osama Bin Laden may have been captured”. Minutes later that headline had been updated to “Obama confirms that the U.S. has killed Osama Bin Laden”.

My mind goes back to the time when Benazir Bhutto was killed. (If I mispelled her name, forgive me). There was a stir in Pakistan because she was thought to be a shoe in for the Presidency of Pakistan. The stir of her assasination caused a buzz in the online community as well. I remember watching an interview in which Bhutto mentioned that Osama Bin Laden was already dead. This was quite disturbing to hear as most Americans were under the impression that Osama was still alive. My mind wondered…How could one of the most powerful women in Pakistan be confused as to whether Osama Bin Laden was dead or alive? That interview never made it to the scrutiny of mainstream television.

The most outstanding yet unscrutinized aspect of the Bin Laden saga was the fact that initially the F.B.I. website did not list Osama (spelled Usama Bin Laden on the site) wanted in connection to the 911 attacks. Why?

Better yet, why hasn’t the entire audio of any Osama Bin Laden threat against the U.S. ever been made available? Was it a security issue? I found it interesting that as an American I was always left to the interpretation the reporting news agency and never afforded the opportunity to try to interpret or get interpretation of his speeches on my own.

I think it was the “Conspiracy Theorists” that put together Loose Change who pointed out that the video shown to Americans of Osama Bin Laden featured a man who was right handed when the F.B.I. website listed Osama as left handed.

I’ve spoken to people outside of the U.S. who felt that the entire Osama Bin Laden story was a fable, a hoax, an excuse for military intervention. Taking into account recent history in U.S. politics this seems entirely possible, if not probable.

Tonight President Obama made a public statement via video that announced the death of Osama Bin Laden and the capture of his body. He may well be telling the truth. But in light of the fact that we live in an economy that has always been driven by war I think that reminding Americans to be skeptical is still necessary.

11 thoughts on “Is Obama Lying About Bin Laden?

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  2. hey man u are right and am right behind you check out the page on face book called osama bin laden not dead and lets make it active and we bring out the truth to the world

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  4. Bin laden dead??
    How could i believe a govt that assaninates its own president and people close to him etc etc etc, lies about 9/11 on many many points, and is economically driven by war, makes lame excuses for the reasoning behind the middle east war, when most of us realise its about oil and money, enters wars that arnt their business under the pretense of “fighting communism” all the while having completely alterior motives, makes promises to other groups, then abandons them once theyve got what they want, and lets
    its own people suffer in poverty along with no
    health care….. Yeh right, im gonna believe these
    “people” when they say bin laden is dead! Seems like a stunt to gain the trust back from their own people that have in more recent times seen through the haze of disinformation constantly fed to them via a govt controlled media….wot a joke! Even if they tell the truth now and then, youd never be able to tell.

  5. How can we as American people believe that Osama was killed,flown back to America,undergo extensive dna and other testing,confirm his identity and have his body buried at sea without any evidence to the American people what so ever? All in just a manner of a few hours when you consider the time of the raid,battle,interrogations of the others that were there and then take all of his possesions load up the bodies and belongings then fly 10hrs 44min. and 55seconds back to the us! Then the “extensive and accurate dna testing have that all confirmed with 99.9% accuracy and to top it all off shroud his body,drive it to the ship,load the body then go thousands of miles out to sea to an unknow location in just a matter of about 14 hrs!!!!! Its all lies!! I am sickened at the extent that the President and his officials went through to carry out this ridiculous lie to not only the American People but the entire face of the planet!!! It is in the least shocking. But what disturbs me most is what lies behind the this massive lie. It must be something that is of scale of biblical proportion. I for one am scared to death to think of what is coming because it is going to be without words indescribable and you can bet the World is going to change as we know it. The War of all Wars! To know that our president has gone along with this lie to the entire world scares me to death to know that in the face of terrorism and war he can not be trusted or counted on and that he is someone to fear…I voted for him…Lord forgive me for I knew not what I had done…..

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  7. Why don’t you listen to Alex Jones
    On u tube every day and there will be
    Your answers to all your questions

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