Is Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron A Victim Or Terrorist?

News Media has focused heavily on Ra Diggs Twitter and Youtube activity in the coverage of Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron’s legal precedings. Ra Diggs and his supporters cry foul, say his constitutional rights have been violated. Diggs (Herron) says he is indigent and is the object of an overzealous cop’s investigation. I’m not sure where to start with this as it is complicated and extremely hard to be objective. I’ll relay the story to you as I’ve found it thus far:

According to the Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron has been accused of terrorizing the community (Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn) by Brooklyn US. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

I first heard about Ra Diggs last year from a friend who had heard from a friend. You know, the streets talk type of thing. Though I search for news and music news almost daily I’ve never “come across” any press about Diggs until recently. Prior to yesterday all info I had heard about Ra Diggs was word of mouth.

Here’s the story as I’ve heard it, Ra Diggs is a hustler from Gowanus Houses who was making progress as a rapper/entertainer. His most notable project to date a song called “Live By the Gun” with Waka Flocka that was respected by street dudes. At some point Ra bragged on twitter about having shooters who were willing to kill cops, soon after he was arrested.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I stop by and notice a headline: ‘RA DIGGS’ HERRON INDICTED BY FEDS FOR INVOLVEMENT IN 3 MURDERS. The article links me to [NYDAILY] where I read:

Federal prosecutors have charged Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron with three brutal slayings — including one connected to his online boasts.
A Brooklyn Federal Court grand jury indicted him on Monday for the murders, which prosecutors say are connected to his drug enterprise in the Gowanus Houses.
Herron, a gangleader who terrorized his community and made YouTube clips extolling his murderous crew, could face the death penalty, according to authorities. [read more]

It almost seems unreal. I can’t say whether or not the prosecutor’s have their facts straight. What I do know is that the streets tend to think that Ra Diggs meant what he said in his rhymes. A few months ago I read an article about Lil Boosie which details lyrics that prosecutors may use against Boosie. Prosecutors claim that Boosie had referenced actual murders (and shooters) in his rhymes. I was dumbfounded then (yeah that’s the word, dumbfounded) and now this.

In a perfect world or even a just court system, twitter conversation would usually be considered hearsay. Facts are facts and Twitter is a gossip site more than it is anything else.

My guess is that that prosecutors will rely on character assasination more than facts to help secure a guilty verdict against Diggs. To me this seems to be common practice. That being said, I can understand why character witnesses make such an impact at jury trials. Ideally everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty but on the flipside the level of arrogance and/or stupidity of some of my people is hard to defend. Who in their right mind would even hint at catching a body if their name was associated with an unsolved murder case?

Is this a case of someone taking a negative situation and trying to make the best of a rough life or a rapper willingly exploiting himself before a record label gets a chance to do it? In this situation, Diggs’ twitter account is his own character witness. After this kind of press, could Ronald Herron possibly get a fair trial? Anybody feel like playing devil’s advocate?

But back to the most sobering part of this story, I know people who’ve killed before. I don’t know anyone who was actually happy about it. To think that someone might actually brag on twitter about catchin’ a body on a social network blows my mind.

Web rants put Bloods big in hole


Read open letter from Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron below:

Page 1,page 2,page 3,page 4

Ronald Herron #78527-053
MDC Brooklyn
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232


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