President Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage, But Not Really…

As I attempted to log into my hotmail account I didn’t even make it past the home page. You can tell it is an election year. Just yesterday it was announced that the state of North Carolina will ban gay marriage and civil unions. This has gained the attention of activists across the nation and apparently the POTUS as well.

As election time draws near both Democrats and Republican leaders seem to be reaching for votes. MSNBC reports that today President Obama has announced that he believes that same sex couples should be allowed to get married. In the past President Obama has endorsed “civil unions” as an alternative to gay marriage. The “civil union” stance on gay marriage was typical of Obama’s middle of the road campaign style. He’s the “compromise” President trying hard to keep everyone happy. It’s been suggested that pressure from the “left” has prompted Obama to update his stance on gay marriage. That being said, Obama is also reported as saying that he believes marriage legislation should be left up to the individual states. Really? Are you paying attention?

Some might argue that Obama didn’t need to say anything about gay marriage since his polling numbers are higher than Romney’s amongst gay and bisexual Americans.To think Obama isn’t receiving political pressure to speak out is laughable at best. Obama has not announced a plan to endorse gay marriage but did say he personally supports gay marriage. Will this be considered a “flip flop” or what?

Mitt Romney has been sent a clear message by his own party that “compromise” will not be tolerated. He was constantly berated as a “moderate” as opposed to a “true conservative” while campaigning for the Republican nomination. When asked about his stance on gay marriage Romney said “I think people have different views on marriage and I respect people’s different views. When I served as governor of my state this issue arose. Same sex marriage and civil union… I pointed out that I’m in favor of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. I don’t favor civil union or gay marriage.”

I am declaring that gay marriage is going to become the political hot button topic for the 2012 Presidential race. Mitt knows his place and the “right” will want him to state clearly what he will do to undermine compromise. Mark my words. Forget national defense,economic woes,foreign policy and education. Same sex marriage will be considered the conversation that establishes where we are as a nation.

Al Sharpton has already started his commentary on how Tea Party candidates are pushing out veteran Republicans on the basis of “compromise” being a bad thing. But that is another blog for another day…

MSNBC article that inspired this incoherent ramble of mine here.


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