RZA – Tragedy [Full Music Video]

Verse One: RZA

Yo, yo, assassination, vaccination, poor education
infatuation with Satan with global nation taxation
Fiber optic microscopic biological germ
Mad Cow burger on the market, Captain of your starship
I never departed once I started
to explore these regions that was uncharted
Leave your heart broken, yo I stand tall
like buildings on Van Dyke’s, all mics
Beats strike like a noisy four train late night
Chase got New York for the Life, we out of state
Can’t smoke a bone in the staircase with out gettin chased
Penny candy poisonous rappers, best to chill or get your head gashed
Lemonhead, sour patch kids, best to grab
a Life Savor, I’ll Jawbreak ya, Boston Bake ya
Then plant my sunflower seed on every square acre
The beauty of my nature shown through Shaquaisha I Mecca
When I made myself Equality, known to my reflector
Stay in your playpen boy, and rattle for your formula and cried
You pacified, this lullaby from the black butterfly


Here comes the rain again….

Verse Two:

Yo, yo, Absorb this metamorph-is as the King takes his office
Keep my planets in orbit, never forfeit, or quit
move forward, I talk with the awkward slang
I walk with, the Wu-Tang, yo
Heavy thoughts can’t be held down by the laws of gravity
Watch for the lime in the temple tryin to plot your tragedy
A game rank with, the high officials at the banquet
For attemptin to hijack the Wu-Tang Manual under his blanket
Can’t interpret cause your brain is short circuit
His dumbness left your body numbness try to come amongst us
What’s your angle? Rectangle or triangle?
As my truth of square drains you of your power the death angel
strangles you like a weed, choking the helpless flower, you cower
You feel the power of the final shower!

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