Juvenile Says There Will Be No Cash Money Reunion [Video]

Juvenile Doubts A Cash Money Reunion, Speaks On Buck & Breaks Down Why Turk Went To Jail

I was never a big fan of the Hot Boys but (on the strength of his solo work) Juvenile was always my favorite.

On A Cash Money Reunion: Juvie says that he is tired of making excuses about a Cash Money/Hot Boys Reunion. He says that it is not possible because BG and Turk are in jail. He insists that he and Wayne alone can not do a reunion.

On Drake’s remake of “Back That Ass Up”: Juvie also says that he got paid when Drake used material from his “Back That Ass Up” single. According to Juvenile the song was just collecting dust until Drake rejuvenated it.

On Young Buck Rumors: Lastly, in an unexpected twist Juvenile refuted rumors that Young Buck was ever signed to him or Cash Money Records prior to his deal with G-Unit. He says that he and Buck began creating music together but never had a written agreement. Juvenile hints that he had a confrontation with Buck over the rumors.