David Banner – Amazing ft. Chris Brown [Audio – No Tags]

David Banner – Amazing ft. Chris Brown

David Banner releases another single feat. Chris Brown from the upcoming album Sex, Drugs & Video Games:


David Banner Says The Next Generation Will Have a "Hip Hop" President [Video]


David Banner & Hustle Simmons in Hustle Citi aka Boston, Ma

David Banner appeared on the “Launch Pad” with DJ Hustle Simmons during his visit to Massachusetts. The next day he was scheduled to speak at Harvard University. Banner discussed his feelings about corporate influence on music,Trayvon Martin’s death and giving back to the community:

David Banner To Speak At Harvard University [Apr 27,28 2012]

(Via Allhiphop.com) Grammy Award winner and political activist, Mississippi rapper David Banner, is set to appear at Harvard University with The League of Young Voters for a summit of leading scholars, activists, and artists.

“The L.A. Riots: Twenty Years Later” Conference, to be held on April 27 and 28 at Harvard’s TSAI Auditorium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will take a retrospective look at the six-day L.A. Riots of 1992, sparked by the acquittal of Los Angeles police officers who beat Rodney King on video. The conference also looks to examine the riots in the context of democracy and inequity today, a time of economic crisis and revolution in much of the world.

At the conference, Banner will discuss how America has changed from the days when Rodney King was assaulted to the Trayvon Martin uprising 20 years later. The rapper will be accompanied by Henry Louis Gates Jr., panelists from Harvard University, NYU, Temple University, and more.


Who Is David Banner Talking To?? [David Banner Vs. Blogs]

David Banner Has A Message For Bloggers And V-Nasty

David Banner on #Swayinthemorning Part 3

A while back David Banner was invited on #Swayinthemorning to speak on the song Swag. The video below is part 3 of the interview. To catch up on part 1 and part 2 click here.

In part 3 of the interview Banner continued to discuss the motivations behind the song “Swag.” Banner also discussed his view on certain blogs that cover rap music. Banner stopped short of announcing exactly who or what site he had in mind.

partial transcript below:

Banner: This is very important. Let me tell you what happening to rap right now and I’m sick of it. I want to say this.
It’s these little (people) who aint even from our culture. Not just black or white, but not even from hiphop culture that have these blog sites right. What they do is, Let’s say if you say something in a song. They will interpret your song. You don’t know me. How can you say what my song is about?
You start some (controversy) on a blog. Then you get all these followers and all these people that give you money to put up their banners because you starting (something) in the black community.
Then something real happens then you report that. You get more money off that. We live out the (stuff) that you start for free. I’m sick of these little blog site [expletive].
You know the old david Banner. What if I would have went and done the (things) that you know that I’m capable of doing? Then my life is over…I’m in jail…I wrote a song that all my favorite rappers are either dead or in jail.
(They) start all this beef and then they sit back and report it to make money off of it. Then they turn around and talk about how stupid we are. Next time you say something about me I’m going to come see you behind the keyboard and do to you what you want us to do to each other.
The same thing happened between Pac and Big. I know one place in particular that started “east coast vs. west coast.” Then (people) died. We gettin’ played like [expletive] monkies.
Sway: So to be clear, when you made the song “Swag” it wasn’t about Kreayshawn or V-Nasty per say?
Banner: It wasn’t about them per say. It was about what we accepted. Now that did happen.
I’m going to tell you what actually happened that made me write the song. I’m watching all these dudes make excuses. There are some (things) that I feel that I just won’t say because it is detrimental to our people if I say it. I may feel it. For us to even say that it’s cool…That’s not even worth it for our kids to hear that.
Devi Dev: With the V-Nast situation her stance is ‘this is all I know’ . Do you think that she just needs some education? She’s young. Maybe she lacks direction and education.
Banner: This what I say. We’ve had a million people come through our culture and live the same situations that we live. People have come through and respected our culture. Regardless of what environment they lived in that was the one thing that as black people that everybody always respected. There are things that we can do better as black people but we have to handle that. We have people who are men who have always respected that code. There has always been an underlying code and for us to come out and relinquish that…It’s like c’mon dude. Again it goes back to ‘What do we stand on?’
Sway: Is this something worth you sitting down behind closed doors and having a conversation with her about?
Banner: I don’t have anything to say to her. She said my name. I wish her the best. I don’t get down like that as a man. As a woman, before she made that decision, she should’ve come and talked to me. If I really had a problem I would go and see her. I don’t care about her.
I want to see you in the hood helping my people. Hood is being more than degrading our culture. The next time somebody gets shot in Oakland I want to see you there. If you are really that hood I want to see you stand up about something that’s real. Let me hear you say something about more than this dope and (things) that are detrimental to our hood. Let me see you do something more than publicize the negative parts of our culture.

David Banner Addresses V-Nasty's Use Of The N-Word

David Banner on #Swayinthemorning Part 2

David Banner was recently on the shade45 radio #Swayinthemorning. You can watch the first part of the interview here. In the second part of the interview Sway plays a clip of Mistah FAB endorsing V-Nasty’s use of the N-word. Sway then turns and asks Banner if it is confusing to fans to hear a black man endorse the use of the N-word from a white person:

Banner quickly avoids a versus situation by stating “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”.

It seems that Banner is endorsing a view that people from the same struggle can share a mutual politically incorrect tradition without it being considered disrespectful. Banner says that “her (V-Nasty) people were not hung from trees.” He then goes on to say that  “we (blacks in U.S.) had to internalize the word nigga because (we) couldn’t get away from it. We were slaves.”

Banner also makes references to the power structure in Hollywood and claims that “if you say the things that they say then the lights start goin’ off”.

David Banner claims that he wants people to ponder and ask “what is enough? If it aint the word nigga then what about this disrespecting of God?” Banner doesn’t name anyone in particular (but the general consensus has been that he is speaking about Odd Future or Lil’ B). Banner then says “If it’s poppin’ and it’s making money then it (seems) acceptable. What’s not acceptable? It’s like anything in our culture is for sale.”

There’s been a variety of responses around the blogosphere. Here’s one youtuber’s response  in the vlog that stood out to me:

Imma white nigga coz I come from Poland, when blacks where shipped as slaves to all over the world, my country was erased from the maps of Europe for 123 years, then we suffered raped by Nazis, Holocaust & Stalin & his bunch of murderers. Check out the suffering of my kindred
I can relate to Nigga pain.So I can say Nigga whenever the fuck I want! BTW fuck Vnasty in her ass. D. Banner is respectable. But niggas please leave the Nword debate as everybody is saying it for a long time now.


Just before the video ends D. Banner then asks “Can I please get to this blog shit right quick…?” So it seems that Banner has a bone to pick with bloggers. We get to that in part 3.

David Banner and Sway Speak On V-Nasty Diss [What Is Hood?]

David Banner on #Swayinthemorning Part 1

In light of the newly released joint cd (BAYTL) released by V-Nasty and Gucci Mane I will do my best to offer my opinion at times but stick to reporting the facts in this article. If I expressed too much of my opinion I would surely have to be labeled a “hater”so I’ll save it for later. I wouldn’t want my (haterish) personal opinion to take away from the seriousness of the topic.

Recently David Banner sat down with Sway and Devi Dev to discuss V-Nasty’s new release as well as break down the motivation behind the song “Swag”.  The interview can be seen on yt channel SwaysUniverse and has been chopped  into three different segments.

Because each segment has a slightly different focus I’m going to cover each segment as if they were independent of each other.  Here is part 1:

Sway starts the interview by going to a live caller who refers to David Banner as “real hood” because he came down to Mississippi and offered financial assistance to residents after hurricane Katrina. Immediately after Sway began offering his definition of  the word “hood”. Sway says that being”hood”really  means being conscious in all forms of the word,i.e. conscious of your environment and lucid of your surroundings. Sway then goes on to say “In hiphop we repeat ignorance so much that it sticks to us”.

Sway the went on to speak about doing community outreach with David Banner and says “that’s hood to me.”  After that Sway played an audio clip from the BATYL cd in which V-Nasty says the following:

Got more bricks then houses in Atlanta/damn/ how a white bitch more hood than David Banner?

Banner’s response was “I never heard that before.” As hard as I find that to believe I still continued to watch the interview. Banner goes on to explain that it doesn’t bother him to be called out by V-Nasty. He says that “the plight between our races is so much bigger than her. I honestly think that she don’t know no better.”