The V-Nasty Documentary [She Stops Using N-Word]

Oakland rapper V-Nasty from White Girl Mob has released a 3 part video documentary about her life in Oakland. The Episode 1 edit bounces back and forth from a living room setting monologue to interviews with Oakland locals in the street. She kicks off part 1 of the documentary by addressing, among other things, the rumors that she is not embraced by the hood.  She takes viewers through different parts of East Oakland via camera and introduces viewers to her people, some of whom refer to her as a “real nigga”.

About halfway through episode 1 [@05:27] of the documentary V-Nasty announces that she will no longer be using the N-word. She says that she made the decision to cease using the word because of the outcry and backlash from the public.

The V-Nasty Documentary part 1, Stops Using N Word

Interesting to note V-Nasty mentioned that she has invested in a local business (near the very beginning of the episode). Seeing how cheesy everyone gets when they realize they are on camera, I could be very critical of the documentary (for the sake of being critical) but V-Nasty shows some sobering signs of maturity. Yeah I said it.

If you’re curious Episode 2 and 3 of the documentary are already out. You can watch them by clicking here (Episode 2) or here (Episode 3).


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