THURS (5/17) ProAm DJ Battle 6PM-8PM


THURS (5/17) ProAm DJ Battle 6PM-8PM


Funky Fresh Radio Recap #3 [Here's What You Missed…]


Okay,Okay, okay so the word for today is “Super Bean Sunday”. What is that you say? It’s the combination of  the “New England Urban Music Awards”and the “Next Generation of Boston Hiphop Showcase”. Here is your recap for Saturday May 5th,2012 Funky Fresh Radio Broadcast.

First things first. I apologize for missing last weeks installment. For the record, I tried. I couldn’t stream the Uncut Radio show on my laptop or my desktop. Now that that’s out of the way…where was I? Oh yeah, since the New England Urban Music Awards was coming up the broadcast featured several artists who were scheduled to perform at the “Next Generation of Boston Hiphop Showcase” at Club Church. Funky Fresh referred to the next day as “Super Bean Sunday”. Here are the interview highlights.