U.S. Marine Starts Armed Forces Tea Party

I recently read an article about an active duty U.S. Marine who has taken to facebook to openly criticize the Obama Administration. The United States Marine Corps frowns heavily upon anyone complaining outside the chain of command. I believe that this is a necessary policy to ensure good order and discipline. The flipside is, I believe that many Marines have no idea as to what their rights are under the constitution. Reading this article made me feel good, but more importantly I feel that this Marine needs to be protected so I’m sharing the article with you:


Marine’s Facebook Page Tests Military Rules

Marine Sgt. Gary Stein first started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots to encourage service members to exercise their free speech rights. Then he declared that he wouldn’t follow orders from the commander in chief, President Barack Obama.

While Stein softened his statement to say he wouldn’t follow “unlawful orders,” military observers say he may have gone too far.

The Marine Corps is now looking into whether he violated the military’s rules prohibiting political statements by those in uniform and broke its guidelines on what troops can and cannot say on social media. Stein said his views are constitutionally protected…


I haven’t really expressed too many of my own opinions about the Tea Party so I’ll be posting more after I have some time to investigate. In the meanwhile you can read the entire article that Yahoo News published about Marine Sgt. Gary Stein here.


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