Who Is Joseph Kony? And Why Does It Matter? [Video]

I recently watched a video released by an organization called Invisible Children Inc.  The video is entitled “KONY 2012”. It is about political activism and human compassion. I found it to be well produced and very moving. The video’s main purpose is to raise awareness about a man named Joseph Kony.

According to Invisble Children Inc Joseph Kony is a warlord who forces children into The Lord’s Resistance Army. Invisible Children Inc also accuses Kony of forcing young girls into prostitution. The video touches upon several things including an interesting commentary on how the politics in Washington D.C. work. The video suggests that constant pressure gets results in Washington and that awareness is key in getting folks involved. The video is dated Mar 5, 2012 and has amassed 46,415,176 views on Youtube.

Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) denies being involved in any atrocities that occured in Uganda and blames Ugandan Government instead. Kony insists LRA has been misrepresented citing that he does not have access to press. Video dated August 2007.

Thus far the most thorough explanation of who exactly Joseph Kony is has come from Wikipedia. Here’s what I foundhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Kony I’ll be following up with more information soon.


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