Why Did Zimmerman Fire His Attorney? [Opinion]

After repeatedly watching footage from the Tuesday press conference held by Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, a few things begin to become clear. George Zimmerman’s lawyers have not withdrawn from the Trayvon Martin case, they were fired. If you actually listen closely to the words of Hal Uhrig, you’ll notice he seems to be anticipating complaints from Zimmerman that may go public.

Based on the statements of Zimmerman’s former attorney here is what one may conclude lead to their termination:

1. There was a dispute about payment. Perhaps Zimmerman did not want to sign over control of his “defense” fund.

2. Zimmerman may have wanted to speak directly to the prosecuting attorney’s office against the advice of his lawyers

3. The lawyers could not or would not comply with Zimmerman’s desire for a website (see #1)

Reports have also come in that Zimmerman has reached out to Fox News personality Sean Hannity. This would further speculation that Zimmerman has a strong desire to speak on his own behalf. What say you?


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