Youtube Announces Plan to Change Algorithm Due To Partner Complaints

Youtube launched it’s new beta Timeline style channel set up a few weeks back but offered youtubers the option to revert back to the old style channel set up if they chose. Recently Youtube removed the option to use the older style channel set up and forcefully converted all channels to the new Timeline style. In addition to the channel style change Youtube also reportedly plans to change its related video content algorithm in an effort to reduce the use  of reply videos. A few youtubers have used reply videos to gain attention and revenue but offer very little self generated content.  All of these changes have some youtubers in an uproar.

One of the most popular youtubers to utilize reply videos as a means of promotion calls her channel “TheReplyGirl”. From what I can tell TheReplyGirl channel has angered atleast one other very popular youtube partner by replying to their videos with unwelcomed reviews. This has lead to some debate in the youtube community and ultimately caused Youtube to announce that it will soon change its related content algorithm.

TheReplyGirl and the new algorithm

TheReplyGirl channel claims that the above video has been botted as it has now amassed 4,269,443 views in just 3 short days. The Youtube front page currently features another video called “Retaliation” which has garnered 1,094,472  views since March 10,2012.  The creator of the video claims to be responsible for botting every video that is currently on the front page of youtube.

What is botting anyway? [Read this]


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